The Solar PV process start to finish

Steps for Solar

Step 1: The Site Inspection

Call KAPE ELECTRICAL.  We will come to your Home or Business for a site inspection and design the right Solar PV system to suit your needs and budget.  Additionally we will also look at the suitability and space on your roof as well as inspect that your SwitchBoard is up to standards.  Moreover we will discuss the correct SMA Inverter size for your situation as well as the brand and size of the Solar PV Panels.

Step 2 : The Application

Whilst on site we gather your details such as your Plan Number, Lot number, Retailer account number and NMI.  This information is used to submit an application with the Energy Retailer for a Solar PV Grid Connect System.  KAPE ELECTRICAL will submit an application form with the appropriate network retailer on your behalf.  Once this form is submitted, the approval of the application by the Energy Retailer can take between one day and 3 weeks.  This is due to the fact that the Energy Retailer for your area may have restrictions on some network grids.

Step 3: The Approval and Installation

The installation can take place once the application has been approved by the Energy Retailer.  Then a date convenient to you can be arranged and the installation will take place.  Providing that the Roof and Switchboard are suitable.  The installation will usually only take one working day depending on the system size.

Step 4: The Meter Installation

Lastly once the Solar PV system is installed, your Energy Retailer may take up to 3 weeks to install an IES Meter in your Switchboard.  This Meter is a Bi-Directional Meter meaning that it can read the Electricity being both imported and exported.

Contact us for more information about installing your solar system or maximising your existing system.