KAPE ELECTRICAL – The Solar Repair Experts

Did you go and buy cheap again?  Don’t panic, we can fix it!  If you didn’t get KAPE ELECTRICAL to install your Solar, then you will be due for Solar repair now or in the future.  Unfortunately a lot of people will go with the cheapest quote.  Some will buy Solar from a Sales company and not an electrician.  Because of this, the Australian market is now flooded with cheap Solar Inverters and Panels.  More importantly this has resulted in fires and has become a safety risk to the public.

As fast as one Solar company is started, another goes into receivership along with any warranties and obligations they had!  KAPE ELECTRICAL has been installing, upgrading and repairing Solar since 2011.  In fact we often install and repair Solar for our direct competition (while they’re still around!).  In other words, we have seen what works and what doesn’t.  Thus giving us the insight and experience you can trust for Solar.

Not just confined to Inverter’s and Panels, Product recalls can occur to other aspects of your Solar PV system such as cable and Isolators.  Consequently Isolators, located beside the Inverter or on the roof have become the greatest risk of fire.  With this in mind please check Here to make sure your equipment is safe.

Is your system in need of Solar Repair?

  • Blank Screen?
  • Blinking light or Error Code?
  • Are the KWHrs (kilowatt hours) at the end of the day significantly less or non-existent?
  • It’s on fire!

 Just some of the Brands we repair

JFY, Goodwe, Samil Solar River, Growatt, Rewatt, Aurora, ABB, Power-one, Blueline, EV Solar, EverSolar, Solar Edge, Sunny Roo, Sunvalley, Fronius, Kstar, CMS, SolarMax, PVedge, Solis, Sharp, Aerosharp, SunGrow, Xantrax, Bosch, APS, Enphase, Solarking, Solax, Kaco, Suntellite, Clenergy, Effekta, Delta, Zever Solar, SMA,

Below are some examples of Bad Solar installations, Inverters and Panels